Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ethan Is 6!!

Were has the time gone? Our baby Ethan turned 6 years old today! I remember the day he was born sometimes it seems just like yesterday. He was our very stubborn baby. On April fools in 2005 he was a day old. He gave the dr's, nursing staff, friends, family and us the biggest SCARE! See Ethan was lactose intolerant. Well all the staff at the hospital was very concerned about Ethans color. This little stinker would hold his breath so he wouldn't have to burp. SO he was life-flighted up to phoenix and placed in the NICU. When they got there the Dr tells Bud and a friend at the time " Its just a milk intolerance!" So here is the 9pd in the NICU all because of a milk intolerence. Ethan has brought us so much Joy! There are days when he thinks it just the funniest thing to FIght with his brothers non-stop. But I know he and his brothers will be so much closer! He is in kindergartin and doing great!! The time is going by so fast. I just wish we could slow time down. Even though Ethan is wopping 63 pds he still likes to be cuddled, and sleep with his blankie. Here are some pictures of his first 6 years of life. What a blessing he is to our Family. He has the sweetest spirit! We love you Ethan and Happy Birthday!