Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kadin, Alex and Ethan

Here is Alex and Ethan
Here is Alex
Here is Kadin. Isnt he handsome.
Peek aboo I see you mommy!!!
I hope that you all enjoy the pictures.

Here are some pictures!!!

Here are some current pictures. The boys have grown so much I hope that you all enjoy them. We went last night as a family to the temple and saw the lights. I also got to see my cousin kori whom I havent seen in about 3 years. She has the sweetest boyfriend. His name is colt! I will be posting picturesn of them on the next posting.

Merry Christmas

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Visit with family

Well last week we had tom and marie here! We all had such had a good time! I will be posting pictures soon of all them at the park. the boys are quick to remind of what they want for christmas I told them if they were not good. Santa would only be bringing clothes. Kadin just didnt find that very funny. he Just turned Eight we ccant believe how big how big he is getting. Alex has terrrible middle child syndrome. but he has such a sweet spirit. then there is ethan he is almmost ppotty trained yeah!!!!!! he is looking forward to christmas. I will post more as soon as i post the pictures!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Middle of the month

My how the month is going bye! The boys are getting excited to see grandma and grandpa soon. The baby is almost potty trained with the help from his his baby siter she is wonder. I am a terrible blogger but it is so much fun to read about everyones life and see that things are going well for everyone! We love it down here in casa grande. Kadin will be 8 in two weeks. then he will get to go to cub scouts he is looking forward to that! I am really enjoying my job I have changed deparlments to much drama in commision. I will be adding new pictures soon of the whole family they are beautiful!!!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Arizona State Fair 2007

Well yesterday was our day to take the kids to the fair! They had such a good time. They rode some rides. We walked through the petting zoo. They even got to take some free pictures. Down here it cost so much to get into the fair that your can go see the concerts for free! Sooo last night we saw rhianna for anybody who knows whos she is. She puts on a very good concert. The kids really enjoyed it! The pictures I am posting are from our day at the fair. I hope you all enjoy them. The one with the parrots is the best I think.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I was tagged!!!

Well here are 7 things about me:
I work for Jc penneys in the drapery deartment and love it!
I have been married for almost nine years.
My family lives in ga.
I cant stand asparagus and brussel sprouts!!
I love any kind of mexican food any time of the day.
I love to take pictures and be an amatuer photographer.
My favorite thing to is shop thrift stores.
Well I have new family photos but they are not scanned in yet will post as soon as they are scanned for everyone to enjoy.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Potty Training

Well we started to potty train Ethan about a week or ago. He thinks it is great! Everytime he goes potty he gets a piece of candy. We call the toliet the potty traing bus and he sits on there backwards. It works wonderful. He thinks he is so cool because he goes on the potty. No More diapers ecept for at night YEAH!! The boys are growing so fast fills just like yesterday I was having Kadin . How time flies. trhe kids are quickly reminding me how fast the holidays are approching. It comes quicker every year and the stores just rush the season. Well on a different note on Sat the 29th in my town we will be opening a new jc penneys we are so excited. I will be in window selling made to measure curtains and blinds. Sounds fun huh Lots of training. Will keep ya posted as to how it is going!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today is My 29th B-day!!!

These pictures are just random pictures . The first one is Ethan his 2nd christrmas!
This second one is me on my little vaction with bud to san diego last year it was great! NO KidsIt was just great!
This one is Alex and Ethan on christmas in 06. It is a big deal at our house!
Well today I turned 29. Just one more year and then I will be the big 30! I am so not looking forward to that. The kids are doing great I dont have new pictures to put up. Because Ethan the promiscus decided to dmp my camera in the toliet. So I have not been able to take current pictures. The kids are getting so big. Alex is still having issues with getting on the bus or going to school. I think it just depends on the week we are going to have. Kadin has grown so much. He will be baptized in december. Ethan thinks he is so cool because he now goes to a babysitter and he is able to be left without crying. And he will now go to nursery with out crying that is such a blessing. Well I have started at JC Penneys we are setting up the store. Boy let me tell you what a job this is. Was not what I thought it was going tobe. But I really enjoy it I have met alot if nice people.I am trying to get myself noticed to prove that I am hard worker and a keeper. Well gotta run for now! Ethan is demanding my full attention!!

I will be writing more later!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

This is my best Friend Jenny. She is holding our tiny Ethan just minutes after he was bron. She is such a blessing my life. We have a special bond. We have helped eachother out through think and thin. I love her death. She has the sweetest familyand nicest sister.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Challenges with School!

Well I have not written in a few weeks. I have been really busy with the kids and school and everything. Our little Alex has decided that he doesnt like to ride the bus.So everyday he freaks out as we put him on the bus he rides with Kadin and two kids from up the street. The one boy is in the 5th grade and he has been such a big help with alex in the morning. He will take pokey by the hand and walk with him to the cafeteria and then walk him over to kindergartin side after breakfast. His name is robert and his brother is Kadins class. Kadin has a really stict teacher. I think for the first two weeks of class all they did was go over rules and did minor work. But she seems ok. Alex's teacher is great! Alex is learning so much and learning how to write his letters he is so proud of himself. So to all who reads this please keep Alex in your prayers that will not fear the bus and make it easier for me in the morning!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well the boys are home!

The boys came home on saturday. Alex got to fly for the first time. Oh they were so excited when they saw us. Now that they have been home our house is tring to get back to normal! Tommorow they start school. Today was the open house. They both met there teachers and they are really nice. Alex's teachers name is Mrs. Hefner and Kadin's Teacher is Ms. razo. The school they go to provides all there school supplies which is great for us. They don't even have to wear uniforms. The boys are missing there grandma's. They talk about all the things they in albuquerque with their aunt sarah and cousins. We are trying to break ethan from the pacifer we will see how well that works. I am looking forward to starting my new job! Only a couple of more weeks and then Ethan will got to preschoool to become independent. So that he will go to nursery. That is the one thing he hates the most is nursery, because we are not there holding his hand the whole time! More updates tommorow on the first day of School!!! These two pictures are just some random pictures i thought i would post of the kids.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

We Finally got some Rain!!

Well we have gone so long with out rain. And today it finally rained liked for almost an hour!! It is such a welcome sight.Lowers the tempature!!!! The boys will be coming home next week from grandmas after spending a whole month with them in nm. They are ready to come home. Then it will off to school, and Ethan off to preschool! I will be starting a new job custom ordering blinds and curtains at jcpenneys. I think it will be excitimg. I will get to meet new people and learn a new talent. My family is well! My parents have finally gotten settled in ga. They have been there for almost a year. My sister and her husband live there also because he is in the military. He was just deployed for africa for 3 to 4 mths which really wont be that bad. So the only family we have close is about an 9 hr drive and that is just way to long with 3 Screaming kids!!!Well enough of my rambling on. We are doing well other than that!!! Hope everyone else is well!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Here are couple more photos

These pictures were on the previous blog. I am sorry that I had to lose my blog. I was having issues.

Well I had to redo my Blog!!!!!

I am having issues. I cant figure out how to add my picture for my profile. Then I cant figure out how to add my friends. So any of you who read my blog if you could please help me! The boys are doing really well at grandma's. They are ready to come home. kadin wants to have satelite back and alex is mama's boy. Ethan has become such a little stinker, he thinks he is cool because his brothers are not here!!!! We will be going to get them soon and they will start school on the 8th of August. Alex will be in Kindergartin. yeah we will see how that goes he hates to be away from mom. Kadin will be in the second grade. Ethan will be giong to day care so that way i can start my new job at JC PENNEYS at the end of August. We'll see how that goes also. Ethan can not stand going to nursery. Sorrry to be venting so much.

Well I had to redo my blog!