Wednesday, February 20, 2008

School cont.

We are very busy I never realized how busy we would be with me attending full time and trying to raise a family. It is probably the hardest thing that I have done. But with the support from Bud and my great kids and my sweeet babysitter. Things are coming along!!! The kids just adore the sitter. She is one of 7 kids. I promise to post more pictures I have some from the this past weekened I just dont know how to put them on here from my thumb drive I am going to have bud show me how to do that. I am doing really well in school. I really enjoy the program. I mainting about an " A " average. there is lots of studing and writing. We are hoping to be baptizing Kadin soon but we have not quite set the day yet. We have to find a time that works for everyone and hopefully there wont be a big storm in nm for the family when they have to travel here. The rest of my family is doing well out there in ga. Well I keep everyone posted on the baptism and I will post pictures I promise!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Continuation of Pharmacy school!

Well I am going into my third week and getting ready to take my second final. I passed the first one with an 89.5 and my final grade was a 95. So on monday i will take another final. On tuesday we will get started on a new section. I have learned so much in the past two weeks it so amazing as to how much your brain really does and controls. No new pictures of the boys just havent taken any photos recently.