Sunday, July 29, 2007

We Finally got some Rain!!

Well we have gone so long with out rain. And today it finally rained liked for almost an hour!! It is such a welcome sight.Lowers the tempature!!!! The boys will be coming home next week from grandmas after spending a whole month with them in nm. They are ready to come home. Then it will off to school, and Ethan off to preschool! I will be starting a new job custom ordering blinds and curtains at jcpenneys. I think it will be excitimg. I will get to meet new people and learn a new talent. My family is well! My parents have finally gotten settled in ga. They have been there for almost a year. My sister and her husband live there also because he is in the military. He was just deployed for africa for 3 to 4 mths which really wont be that bad. So the only family we have close is about an 9 hr drive and that is just way to long with 3 Screaming kids!!!Well enough of my rambling on. We are doing well other than that!!! Hope everyone else is well!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Here are couple more photos

These pictures were on the previous blog. I am sorry that I had to lose my blog. I was having issues.

Well I had to redo my Blog!!!!!

I am having issues. I cant figure out how to add my picture for my profile. Then I cant figure out how to add my friends. So any of you who read my blog if you could please help me! The boys are doing really well at grandma's. They are ready to come home. kadin wants to have satelite back and alex is mama's boy. Ethan has become such a little stinker, he thinks he is cool because his brothers are not here!!!! We will be going to get them soon and they will start school on the 8th of August. Alex will be in Kindergartin. yeah we will see how that goes he hates to be away from mom. Kadin will be in the second grade. Ethan will be giong to day care so that way i can start my new job at JC PENNEYS at the end of August. We'll see how that goes also. Ethan can not stand going to nursery. Sorrry to be venting so much.

Well I had to redo my blog!