Sunday, July 27, 2008

here are some more pics of the wedding

This is one of my favorites Of Rebbecca & Bryan!!!!

Here are the ladies I love how I was able to change just the blue!!!

The girl in the front is her oldest daughter louise and the little one in white is Melanie!
The Wedding Cake!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Miss Myriah and Family

Myriah Gabriella and Dylan
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Here is the whole family look how nice little ralph looks!!!!
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Well here are some wedding pics I have to say it was quiet intresting!!!!
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Here are four of Rebecca and Bryan children the other little girl in the pink dress is Lousies little girl malia
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some more pics of the zoo

Here is kadin and Alex and still no SMILE!!!
This on here is my favorite of the polar bears I have lots of pics of these cute bears

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Tom, Carly and Sarah on the 4th of July after the big snowball eating contest. Having all the grandkids here was great they all played really well. The highlight was getting to play with Aunt Charlotte and making fires in the firepit. Oh we were able to roast marshmellos oh that was great getting to Eat Chared marshmellows!!!! And getting to sit around and tell stories of all the Gerhart Kids when they were young!!!
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THE HEAD HONCHO of the Gerhart Clan!!!

Well here is Grandpa!!! We all love him. On this day he was playing squirt guns with family like a little boy it was great!!! If you did not say hi to him right away you got squirt with the water GUN!!! He wanted to make sure that you welcome!!!
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Crazy Uncle Dan!!!

Uncle Dan is grandpa's brother and oh he is so funny. He kept trying to show ethan and carly he is teeth!!! Carly would scream NO I don't want to see your teeth!!! Ethan wouldn't even go near him. Uncle dan got to show carly his teeth once and I think that was it for her!!! He is the best personality. He is has to be the center of attention!!! I met him a couple of years ago when grandpa was still living in Tucson I thought he was great then. He has a very nice wife!!!! It was very nice to See him again!!
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Miss Carly!!!

Here is miss carly enjoying her cherry pie!!! Oh it was so good. But then then there Charlottes Apple Pies and they were great also!!!
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No smiles from Alex

He refused to smile but this shows Alex's true colors some of the time!!! He looks like he is not sure of what is going and the day we went to the Zoo it was a little warm. But the boys had such a good time!!!!
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Miss Marion

Here she is this is Miss Marion!!! Isn't she beautiful!!!
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One of my nieces!!

Here is crazy miss kianna she is such doll!!! She has her own unique personality!!!! Her and her sister Marion are so different I will post a pic of Marion she absolutley gorgeous!!!
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Our family day to the ZOO!!!

Ethan was not to sure about the generic train ride around the Zoo the high light of the train ride was the train jumped the track so we sat there for at least 10 min!!!!!
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

Here are some more pics of the boys

Here we are at the Museum Alex was so excited because he got to hold a real snake
Sorry this one came out side ways having issues
my little cowboy Crazy Jenny and I having a blast at CC the pokey okey

I hope that you enjoy the pics i have a whole bunch so i will do them in sections!!!

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!

Well we have been having so much fun with the family! All of the cousins are here and they are all having a really good time!!! We have taken the boys to the museum. Alex and I went and saw Kung Fu Panda that movie was so cute. On the 2nd we had a birthday party for alex he turned 6!!!!! We had pizza, games, a pinata and of course fireworks. Cha-Cha got here on tuesday because we are having a memories of life party for grandma this weekened!!! And then everyone will be going home. Oh the boys will all be so sad. We have all gotten to have so much fun I have pictures I just need to up load to the computer for everyone to see!!! I will be starting school next week and I am really excited!!!!!! We are still looking for a job which we have not had much luck........ So today is the 4th and we are gonna have a bbq and have lots of fireworks which we have not been able to do in almost 6 years because of living in az. So i will take pics of today and I will get them posted as soon as I can. I hope everyone had a wonderful day!!!!!!!