Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I have been hired and..........


Monday, December 22, 2008


I am writing this litte blog to say how thankful I am Tonight our children received a couple of presents from there secret santa!!!! To whom ever you are We thank You and hope that U and your family have a wonderful christmas!!!!I will be starting my job on the 12th of january at the Lovelace Pharmacy on Tramway....... Oh I also graduated on the 17th of december and I will walk with my class on the 7th of February I will be walking with Presidents list and Academic Honors' cuz I had a 4.0 yeah me!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I am feeling wonderful!!!!

Jamie & Bud 10yrs Together!!!!
Kadin,Alex & Ethan

I am in the last week of my extern-ship and I have just taken my PTCB Exam!!!! I will know the results on the 29th of this month!!!!! I have a feeling that i passed it!!!!! Once I have passed this test I will be a Certified Pharmacy Tech!!!! Yeah Me!!!! I am so proud of myself I will know by the end of this week if I have been hired that would be totally awesome to be hired at Lovelace...... SO here are a couple of Pictures of the family for all of U!!!! We hope u enjoy them and Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Extern at Lovelace Pharmacy

Well I have been on extern now for almost two weeks and I love it!!!!! Even though I am doing it for free it is the greatest experiance........ I have meet the most wonderful people. I hopeing that with in the next year I will be an instructor at Apollo as a Pharm Tech instructor so i can go in and teach people the wonderful skills that I have learnded and how wonderful it is to know that you are trying to make the patients well.........

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here is ethan with his first snow ball he was so cute!!!! He loved it he thought it was the greatest thing!!!
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Me and Ethan

We took a drive up to the crest to see the leaves and as we got closer to the top there was snow!!! It was Ethan's first encounter with a snow ball he was so cute!!!
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Toby abd Montgomery Gentry

Here is one of many from the concert Toby did an excellant concert that nite so did Montgomery Gentry
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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Big 30......

As most of you know today was my birthday and yes i turned 30 i am in such denial that i am the big 30.... I am only 29 and 3/4 not 30. Today was a good day. I went to work. Oh yeh I work for the same school that i go to learn at. I am almost done Yeah!!!!!! Only 24 more class days and then 32 days of externship I cant wait. i passed my math test yesterday Math always kicks my butt. But i conckered Math it is no longer the enemy. My instructor rocks we have so much fun in her class and at the same time we learn so much last week we made dry skin cream, and this week we are making Butt Bullets sounds like fun huh! Oh it is such a blast I have made some really cool friends!!!!! but I miss my friend Jenny so much she is my sanity next to Bud of course. Next week i am going to see Montgomery Gentry it is going to Rock they are my favorite country band Yeah Buddy!!!!! I will post some current pics as soon as I have some time that is!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh the Challenges and Trials

Today has been a sad day at the Gerhart House. Last night we lost our beloved Grandfather he is the ROCK of the Gerhart family. We will all miss his hearing his stories of how Tom would do this or how Mary Jane and Nancy would do that. He has such a big heart and always had so much love to spread around. When I married Bud he welcomed me into the family like I was one of the kids as he did with Angie and Eric. His cooking was the best, Thanksgving with his turkey soup!!!! You see so much of grandpa in Charlotte, Ben, Bud, and Sarah. This year has been a tough one on the family. We have lost two very speacial people that mean a whole lot to this family. They will be greatly missed and the love that they had will never be broken. We are dealing with the lose as most people do, but at the same time we know that we will see them again soon. Grandpa Gerhart : loving, devoted, kind, giving, gentle, big hearted, husband, grandfather, and great grandfather to 7 beautiful children, Marion, Josh, Kadin, Kianna, Alexander, Ethan and dear sweet Carly. We love you and we will all miss you!!!!!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

well we have all started school!!!

The boys at the ocean in Oceanside Ca
Here they are again Ethan thought that is was the greatest thing!!!
Just one of many Random pics of the Ocean we had such a good time it was soo good to get away and have some R/R!!!!!
Mister Kadin at a rest stop Here is Space Mountain Yeah Buddy talk about a rush nothing like riding a roller coaster in the DARK WHAT A THRILLL KADIN thought it was Great!!!!

I am proud to announce that ALEX road the bus to school today!!!!!! We still have to pick him but today he got on the bus all by himself!!!! Kadin is doing very well in school and rides the bus to and from school withno problem we dont mind picking Alex up it makes his day to have us pick him up!!! And i a still going to school. I have a 4.0 gpa I am so proud of myself. I am taking two classes at this present time so that way I can graduate in January and I will be graduating with honors you can mark my word on that!!!!! Bud is being the stay at home for the time being which is working out perfectly because marie is spending alot of time in Espanola so he is here to watch the BEEF and the other two!!!!! School is taking up alot of my time but it will be worth it inn the long run. I cant believe that I am almost done. I will soon be a Pharmacy tech ( Certified that is very scary)!!!! I didnt think that I would get this far but I Have alot of sup port in this whole process. I will keep ya posted on our busy lives, here are some more pics of the summer.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A very BAD week!!!

I had my surgery yesterday and let me tell u it was not that great. Pitocin is the worst stuff in the world!!!!! I dont even remember cramping this bad after having a baby oh yeah wait i had something else to worry about other than the pain. And the smart ass coments I have been getting is well yeah you are gonna be in pain you just had surgery what do you exepect!!!! If i hear that i again i am just gonna tell them all were they could just take a hike off the BIGGEST CLIFF there is !!!!!! But other than that my surgery went well. i think we have finally gotten my womenly problems undercontrol. So right now at this present time I am loaded on PERCOCETS!!! They make me alittle grouchy, but they sure do take away the pain. Yesterday was the first day of school and of course i didn't get to take them to school and alex has cried for two days he is just having alot of stress in his little life. He doesnt understand the whole picture you know and of course he is just playing his parent's but alex is feeling very overwehlemed and very unsetteled that is mostly our fault. i am babbling i am sorry it is because of the medicine..... But at this time that is how i am feeling and i really dont care If i have offened anyone!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here are some highlights of Summer!!!

This is a couple of signs that are at the Natural History Museum they were neon signs some of the ones that I took came out so well. but i was having problems uploading them from the computer!!
Here is Ethan and Carsten buddies for life.They were playing cowboys in Jennys mom backyard this summer. The kids had such a blast but so did the adults. I was so sunburned I couldn't even stand myself!!!!

Here is me and Jenny acting silly at chucke chesse this summer. As you can see we had some fun!!!!

Here is my wonderful husband when we took the kids to Explora. We have been together 10 years already it seems just like yesterday that we were dating and here we are 3 kids and ten years later!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

here are some more pics of the wedding

This is one of my favorites Of Rebbecca & Bryan!!!!

Here are the ladies I love how I was able to change just the blue!!!

The girl in the front is her oldest daughter louise and the little one in white is Melanie!
The Wedding Cake!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Miss Myriah and Family

Myriah Gabriella and Dylan
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Here is the whole family look how nice little ralph looks!!!!
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Well here are some wedding pics I have to say it was quiet intresting!!!!
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Here are four of Rebecca and Bryan children the other little girl in the pink dress is Lousies little girl malia
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some more pics of the zoo

Here is kadin and Alex and still no SMILE!!!
This on here is my favorite of the polar bears I have lots of pics of these cute bears

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Tom, Carly and Sarah on the 4th of July after the big snowball eating contest. Having all the grandkids here was great they all played really well. The highlight was getting to play with Aunt Charlotte and making fires in the firepit. Oh we were able to roast marshmellos oh that was great getting to Eat Chared marshmellows!!!! And getting to sit around and tell stories of all the Gerhart Kids when they were young!!!
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THE HEAD HONCHO of the Gerhart Clan!!!

Well here is Grandpa!!! We all love him. On this day he was playing squirt guns with family like a little boy it was great!!! If you did not say hi to him right away you got squirt with the water GUN!!! He wanted to make sure that you welcome!!!
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Crazy Uncle Dan!!!

Uncle Dan is grandpa's brother and oh he is so funny. He kept trying to show ethan and carly he is teeth!!! Carly would scream NO I don't want to see your teeth!!! Ethan wouldn't even go near him. Uncle dan got to show carly his teeth once and I think that was it for her!!! He is the best personality. He is has to be the center of attention!!! I met him a couple of years ago when grandpa was still living in Tucson I thought he was great then. He has a very nice wife!!!! It was very nice to See him again!!
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Miss Carly!!!

Here is miss carly enjoying her cherry pie!!! Oh it was so good. But then then there Charlottes Apple Pies and they were great also!!!
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