Thursday, August 21, 2008

A very BAD week!!!

I had my surgery yesterday and let me tell u it was not that great. Pitocin is the worst stuff in the world!!!!! I dont even remember cramping this bad after having a baby oh yeah wait i had something else to worry about other than the pain. And the smart ass coments I have been getting is well yeah you are gonna be in pain you just had surgery what do you exepect!!!! If i hear that i again i am just gonna tell them all were they could just take a hike off the BIGGEST CLIFF there is !!!!!! But other than that my surgery went well. i think we have finally gotten my womenly problems undercontrol. So right now at this present time I am loaded on PERCOCETS!!! They make me alittle grouchy, but they sure do take away the pain. Yesterday was the first day of school and of course i didn't get to take them to school and alex has cried for two days he is just having alot of stress in his little life. He doesnt understand the whole picture you know and of course he is just playing his parent's but alex is feeling very overwehlemed and very unsetteled that is mostly our fault. i am babbling i am sorry it is because of the medicine..... But at this time that is how i am feeling and i really dont care If i have offened anyone!!!!!

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