Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh the Challenges and Trials

Today has been a sad day at the Gerhart House. Last night we lost our beloved Grandfather he is the ROCK of the Gerhart family. We will all miss his hearing his stories of how Tom would do this or how Mary Jane and Nancy would do that. He has such a big heart and always had so much love to spread around. When I married Bud he welcomed me into the family like I was one of the kids as he did with Angie and Eric. His cooking was the best, Thanksgving with his turkey soup!!!! You see so much of grandpa in Charlotte, Ben, Bud, and Sarah. This year has been a tough one on the family. We have lost two very speacial people that mean a whole lot to this family. They will be greatly missed and the love that they had will never be broken. We are dealing with the lose as most people do, but at the same time we know that we will see them again soon. Grandpa Gerhart : loving, devoted, kind, giving, gentle, big hearted, husband, grandfather, and great grandfather to 7 beautiful children, Marion, Josh, Kadin, Kianna, Alexander, Ethan and dear sweet Carly. We love you and we will all miss you!!!!!


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