Friday, September 12, 2008

The Big 30......

As most of you know today was my birthday and yes i turned 30 i am in such denial that i am the big 30.... I am only 29 and 3/4 not 30. Today was a good day. I went to work. Oh yeh I work for the same school that i go to learn at. I am almost done Yeah!!!!!! Only 24 more class days and then 32 days of externship I cant wait. i passed my math test yesterday Math always kicks my butt. But i conckered Math it is no longer the enemy. My instructor rocks we have so much fun in her class and at the same time we learn so much last week we made dry skin cream, and this week we are making Butt Bullets sounds like fun huh! Oh it is such a blast I have made some really cool friends!!!!! but I miss my friend Jenny so much she is my sanity next to Bud of course. Next week i am going to see Montgomery Gentry it is going to Rock they are my favorite country band Yeah Buddy!!!!! I will post some current pics as soon as I have some time that is!!!!

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