Sunday, July 29, 2007

We Finally got some Rain!!

Well we have gone so long with out rain. And today it finally rained liked for almost an hour!! It is such a welcome sight.Lowers the tempature!!!! The boys will be coming home next week from grandmas after spending a whole month with them in nm. They are ready to come home. Then it will off to school, and Ethan off to preschool! I will be starting a new job custom ordering blinds and curtains at jcpenneys. I think it will be excitimg. I will get to meet new people and learn a new talent. My family is well! My parents have finally gotten settled in ga. They have been there for almost a year. My sister and her husband live there also because he is in the military. He was just deployed for africa for 3 to 4 mths which really wont be that bad. So the only family we have close is about an 9 hr drive and that is just way to long with 3 Screaming kids!!!Well enough of my rambling on. We are doing well other than that!!! Hope everyone else is well!

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Bella said...

Ican't believe they were gone for a month! How did you handle it? I can't believe how big Kadin is! He looks so grown-up and handsome! Your littlest reminds me of Kadin when he was small! Hope all is well!