Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well the boys are home!

The boys came home on saturday. Alex got to fly for the first time. Oh they were so excited when they saw us. Now that they have been home our house is tring to get back to normal! Tommorow they start school. Today was the open house. They both met there teachers and they are really nice. Alex's teachers name is Mrs. Hefner and Kadin's Teacher is Ms. razo. The school they go to provides all there school supplies which is great for us. They don't even have to wear uniforms. The boys are missing there grandma's. They talk about all the things they in albuquerque with their aunt sarah and cousins. We are trying to break ethan from the pacifer we will see how well that works. I am looking forward to starting my new job! Only a couple of more weeks and then Ethan will got to preschoool to become independent. So that he will go to nursery. That is the one thing he hates the most is nursery, because we are not there holding his hand the whole time! More updates tommorow on the first day of School!!! These two pictures are just some random pictures i thought i would post of the kids.

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