Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Challenges with School!

Well I have not written in a few weeks. I have been really busy with the kids and school and everything. Our little Alex has decided that he doesnt like to ride the bus.So everyday he freaks out as we put him on the bus he rides with Kadin and two kids from up the street. The one boy is in the 5th grade and he has been such a big help with alex in the morning. He will take pokey by the hand and walk with him to the cafeteria and then walk him over to kindergartin side after breakfast. His name is robert and his brother is Kadins class. Kadin has a really stict teacher. I think for the first two weeks of class all they did was go over rules and did minor work. But she seems ok. Alex's teacher is great! Alex is learning so much and learning how to write his letters he is so proud of himself. So to all who reads this please keep Alex in your prayers that will not fear the bus and make it easier for me in the morning!

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Mistylynn said...

Man, I wish Jakob would have a bit MORE fear about the bus. Sheesh. All I ever hear is, "Mom, can I plllleeeaaaase ride the bus in the morning." NO, you'll have to get up to early and school is literally 2 mins away. Goodness.