Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today is My 29th B-day!!!

These pictures are just random pictures . The first one is Ethan his 2nd christrmas!
This second one is me on my little vaction with bud to san diego last year it was great! NO KidsIt was just great!
This one is Alex and Ethan on christmas in 06. It is a big deal at our house!
Well today I turned 29. Just one more year and then I will be the big 30! I am so not looking forward to that. The kids are doing great I dont have new pictures to put up. Because Ethan the promiscus decided to dmp my camera in the toliet. So I have not been able to take current pictures. The kids are getting so big. Alex is still having issues with getting on the bus or going to school. I think it just depends on the week we are going to have. Kadin has grown so much. He will be baptized in december. Ethan thinks he is so cool because he now goes to a babysitter and he is able to be left without crying. And he will now go to nursery with out crying that is such a blessing. Well I have started at JC Penneys we are setting up the store. Boy let me tell you what a job this is. Was not what I thought it was going tobe. But I really enjoy it I have met alot if nice people.I am trying to get myself noticed to prove that I am hard worker and a keeper. Well gotta run for now! Ethan is demanding my full attention!!

I will be writing more later!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!
I'm sorry I am so bad about remembering every year but I hope it was fantastic!
And 30 feels just like 29 did, don't worry.

llegue said...

Haooy B-day, By the way I'm 33 and everyone thinks I am as immature as an 18 year old. Ergo, it's not so bad!

Mistylynn said...

Happy, happy, happy, belated birthday James! Thirty smirty! Who cares. I don't think it matters at all what number you are, it's all in how you feel (see Jenn's post comment). I'm so happy at this point in my life, much happier than when I was with you know who and younger. Take care and talk to you soon.