Monday, September 14, 2009

My 31st Birthday!!!

Well saturday was my bday and yes i am now 31!!!! my kids tell me that i am only 22 they are so sweet!!!! On friday night i went and saw montgomery gentry.... my dear sister-in_law watched our boys so that way we could go out!!! the concert was awesome!!! i had front row center seats!!!!! mind you i bought these tickets june 10 so i have had them awhile!!!! Then on saturday we went to the fair !!! That was a long day.... Poor Alex got a nose bleed then we went to county lline for dinner they have wonderful bbq turkey!!! Ethan was drama the whole time he didnt want to sit down so towards the end of the meal Bud just took him to the car!!!! on the way home i had to sit in the backseat witth him cuz he kept hitting his brothers and screaching at the top of his LUNGS just to hear him self make noise!!!! i will be posting pics soon of the concert it was awesome!!!! My wonderful sister comes in on thursday from Ga yeah!!!!! we are goin to have some sister time!!!!!

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Sarah said...

We're glad you had a good time :)