Sunday, January 2, 2011


The Three Amigo's

Me and the boys!
The Gerhart Men!

I am hoping this year will not go by as fast! I will be starting my second semester this year! I am really enjoying school. The boys are doing so well at school. Ethan is loving kindergartin. I can't believe how fast children grow.. Seems just like yesterday when we brought these sweet little boys home. The oldest Kadin is going through some major pre-teens.. it depends on the day he is having if he likes us or not. We usually hear on a weekly bases on how "DUMB" this family is.. Then there is Alex who is going through constant middle child syndrome. He always feels picked on. Alex has such a big heart that if he gets his feelings hurt it's like the world has just opened up the flood gates. Alex has the sweetest personality if you can get to come out. Then there is Ethan our little monster. He can defend himself and does not take any thing from his brothers. But he is the first to snich them out. They all get along really considering their ages. We have our days were all they do is fight... but we also have days where they just get along great! One thing that I do have to say about boys, is that they can talk up a storm and just make noise to make noise. You would this boys were girls by as much as they talk.
They hate to go shopping unless it is with the GREAT AUNT CHARLOTTE. If we ask them you wanna go, they say nope we wanna stay home or go to grandmas. Sometimes it is so great not to take them.. I can go and get everything I need with out the hassle of them fighting, grabbing things off the shelf, and running a muck in the store. I dont know how charlotte does it when she takes all 7 of them to the store?? I am just amazed at how much respect the kids have for her.. But she is the lego queen and the kids just love her!!!
Bud is still working for T-Mobile and somedays are worse than others, but we are just thankful that he has a job. We have cheap phone service and great insurance. But Bud likes working for them, I think he enjoys talking to all kinds of different people even though some are dumb as rocks and should not have phones.
We just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. It does not seem possible that we have been married that long. So here is a little review of what is going on in the Gerhart house. I am going to try to blog once a month.

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