Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My GPA and Updates on life!!

Well school is going great!!!! I have a 3.67 grade average I am so proud of myself who would have thought that, I would actually go to school and make something for myself and my family. I have so much support from all the family!!! Bud's dad is really proud also. My mom has just started school hereself and she is really enjoying it. Then my sister will be starting in August to become a surgical tech. The family is doing really well. The boys will becoming uo to nm for the summer they are so excited. We are still working with ethan on the potty training. where is grandma when u need her???? I have really taken up scrapbooking it has become my new hobby and I LOVE IT!!!! Well as soon as I get current pics of the boys and family I will add them!!!!

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