Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not getting any better!!!!

Well our life change has become very frustrating. I am going to have to take a month off from school. Because they are running one month behind of mesa. I almost didnt get credit for the class that I just finished because the instrcutor didnt want to let the pharm instuctor give me the test by proxy. So I fixed her Happy Butt!!! I called the dean and talked to him and then a couple of hours later she called me back with her panties all in an uproar. She tried to guilt trip me!!! Didnt work I just remand calm and express my situation needless to say she was not Happy but i dont care I earnedthat credit for that class!! All I needed to do was just take the exam!!! On with Bud his boss is trying to guilt him about how he just needs to come back there for a month and leave us here and Bud told him no that was not going to happen because his family comes first and that it would make matters worse!!! So here we are gettting ready to start fresh. Bud is going to be looking for a job and at the same time I am going to get a part time job to help take some of the load off a Bud!! Bud's family is being very supportive through our little time of agrivation. But the kids are just loving it. They get to see grandma and grandpa everday!!!! They just love it as much as the kids do.So my school has been extened out one more month because of how there classes are set oh well. that just means I wont be done until to the first of January!!! Sorry about all the rambling but I had to releave some stress and this was my outlet for the time being.

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