Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CubScout Camp 2010

This year I had the great opportunity to be able to attend cub scout camp!! It was great! I learned so much from these little guys! It was only four days during the day! But those were the longest day's! We did so much walking! In one day we walked a total of 4.5 miles and according to my steps i walked 7500 steps... nothing like climibing hills, watching over 10 boys plus my own and having two den chiefs and three parents on a given day!!! I gained much respect for the leaders who put this great event together every year! these things take lots of planning and preparation! I really enjoy being den leader for the wolves I have the greatest Person that i work with her name is Misty Buck!! She is so crafty and ORGANIZED! I would be lost with out her!!! She has showed me so many things!! I am grateful to have her as my friend! I will post more pics of cubscout camp!
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